Rolinek after protection Pardubice: We decided to have our butts


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Ctte the great lion?
It's giant. To me and to Peter Skora, from whom we get this, it's an unbelievable feeling. Playing outside is very good, but this is a fight for the whole club and a fan.

Are you surprised to celebrate so early?
Put the boys down. Although it is true that we were mountains at some of the times, but the points are secret, and we fly nine times.

But you made it difficult again, you had to turn 1: 3 in Chomutov.
Just as in Kladn, we begin as nothing can happen, we have no defeat that we are. We were in the pear. I'd say it's a loose rise, we were not prepared for a menth. It was weird back. Although we did this, we did not play responsibly, but there was a sense that there was a lot to do.

What do you bar bravely?
Mm about it. When quickly and in emotion after all, I appreciate it, so we really had our butt and it cries me a lot about extraliga. What decided? Do not have fun in two ms to go to the bar. Everyone keeps getting ready, but it can not be lost, so take your finger off and suddenly warm up at the bar. We were afraid of that. We wanted to get into the extra championship pace, but it did not work, we did not get the place in the play out. But in the bari we put all the assumptions in the head. Everyone had to see this. The Radegast index shows that the joint was a bit of a back-up.

In the long run extraleague you just won a tinctkrt. When did you have the feel and the mustvo?
As I sludge, do not have fun and all of a sudden, I think you will enter the bar. Even when it was done. I have a huge collision with this. Roll back, upside down, get into the stands. And this has to start. Try after good, then after bad, nothing works. Where did that come from? The fact that we had our butt and from the first time we were arrested, we had a network for the club and the city where we had an extra league. We rolled dark, no one invented, they all got glory, they all vibrated. We play honestly.

How many forces does stla vs bar?
Physically, the hunter has become accustomed to this, and they are rapidly returning behind the international scene. It took a psychic to hear. Even when we are jumping, we worry about blinking. you may lose it once or twice and compare it again. I fear virtually the whole bar.

Did he help Budjovic's team against the ground?
Yes I kind of went back to Kladn, where we were mountains, but we won 5: 0. It was a positive emotion in the kadho game, we started to win. We were having problems, we did not get gl, and the pill boxes came up. When we all drown and prepare ourselves with the emotions, the dailo nm.

You played the pedloni too. How do you compare them?
So we came back for the last time, but we had a blast, but paradoxically it was just the target. I do not want to compare this because the bar was psychically nron, I'm totally edman. The entire season was strange. Sam pelapy and yellow footsteps. Everything from the den went to the bar.

You are the captain of the world champion, te tm in bari. Where is sloitj?
World Championships, it's about time, hard, semifinal, finle. Nm was successful, we were surprised with the championship. But in the bari you have to have these days ready, attracted. And you have a huge responsibility for everything. I think I can do a lot, but I did not want to be signed under the fact that falls into a hockey town.

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