Rise and shake, Vel Kreuziger after a rugged spring. And he went to the Tour.


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The Ardensk classics are featured on the calendar. In the hills of the Benelux countries, the cadoron, in them, is not ambition. iju for n 365 days a year, Roman Kreuziger.

The ponn flight but the eskma rider did not get the results. The best of Ardennes was the 15th in Brabant Pu. Next time at the popular Amstel Gold Race 18.

And in the Dutch Kln Kreuziger, he came up according to the glaring scene. The shape before the Liège-Bastogne-Liège spill, the height of spring, grew.

four days before the Fourth Monument began, but the 32-year-old had fallen, I found myself in a strong wind. My bike got up and I fell first, remembering the pd's during the Walloon vagina. That's really cool.

And very sporadically. Pdm you were in the professional squad.
This time I was smlu. I came across such an explosion that made a comeback. In fact, after a long time I found myself on the ground.

However, you are very tst. Tsn you lost your spine by the side of the road.
There was enough room. I married him. I'm the people who followed me to miss me.

And then you shook the saddle and pushed the Mur de Huy, a hilltop hill. Pro?
They asked me if I wanted to get on the dark bus. But J told them that I was going. Tch en kilometer helped me to understand that it was not a fracture. I made myself clear in the heads.


So, did you decide to join the Sunday classics in Liège?
iju for these takes 365 days a year. I knew it would be ready on Sunday. He did not seem to regret it. When a hunter is in shape, regeneration is faster. But some things do not speed bohuel.

So what did this do for La Doyenne on Sunday?
I went to the physiotherapist for an hour. He did a great job. I was useless in normal life. People in the dark were almost dressed. But the bike was fixed and here it is. In the end, the extreme conditions did not allow me to steal the best of the game (Kreuziger finished in 78th place with no more than 13 minutes).

Grupeto Project

Roman Kreuziger is also one of the sponsors of the Grupeto project. Michael Kreuzigerov, the wife of the Czech cyclist, is behind his creation.

As part of the project, cyclists will be able to experience professional cycling, talk to mechanics, attend a cycling weekend in world regimens or confess to some professionals.

Grupeta is currently invited to invite you. We will also open the project to a limited number of other residents during the year, to Kreuziger.

Subscribers can register again at www.grupoto.info.

Especially not in season. But not even the darkness of Dimension Data. How many?
Mainly do not panic. I went to a new darkness where there is also a new person and trenr. Let's get the same note. I can be one of the factors, because in the spring we do not fully understand how everyone was expecting.

Michael Valgren, a kind of his darkness for the classics of Ardennes, also remained behind the oekvnm.
Last year was a good season (On the way to Flanders, Amstel Gold Race won first in Kreuziger, seven World Cup riders finished the pot). This year he wanted to see the season for all prices in Australia, which he probably had. In the autumn, after marriage, he left for the bankers, then in the darkness he went to South Africa, the sweat with them was in Kanra and he set out to seduce Australia. He did not forget after tons of seasons. But do not lose quality by day.

How's the atmosphere in the dark after a failed spring? Every professional and you are twenty years old. You just got two slots.
Urits did not subjugate pessimism. Error in nm result. It's about a lead being won, and so I need to be. From wounds, the hunter must rise and warm up.

After a bumpy spring, Valgren ordered a day off in May. Is that you?
I need to spill my right arm. Go to the heat, but on Sunday I want to sit on the bike again. In front of the well in mid-June.

This is one of the generics of the Tour de France. After all, sweat your start at the most famous leadership in the world?
And I'll be training in Gard, we'll go with the Alpine stage train. Of course, I'm in vbru's brother for the tour.

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