Thursday , August 5 2021

Revolut has extended support for Garmin and Fitbit Pay. And you will also get a virtual card on Google Pay –

Over the weekend, Revolut has released support for two other payment systems – Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay. So if you have some of the compatible smart watches, you can contact them without contact, without your classic bank having to support the service. Revolut is charged via any card.

How do you watch the payment?

To add a card to Fitbit or Garmin Pay, simply open the application on your phone and follow the steps on the screen. One is to check if your watch is protected by an inserted PIN every time the watch is deployed. Once you add a card, you can pay for it at any contactless terminal.

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Revolut joined Garmin Pay with Komerční banka and Monet.

They are new Mastercard virtual cards. Previously, Revolut only supported Vis, but Google Pay can not be used. However, after a provider exchange, this is possible, and if you do not need a physical card, you can also add the virtual card to mobile payments – which is usually not charged.

Payments then work normally with regular cards, and more than 500 are validated on the phone. However, always have a classic physical card or a backup payment option. Some terminals, especially overseas, may need to enter the PIN directly into it, and since the virtual card does not have a PIN, there may be a problem with the payment.

A great overview of how you can pay with your phone can be found here:

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