REVIEW: Near the sun is just boring bioshock


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On the plane Eeno, I'm not a big fan of Bioshock. All his pieces are just simple robes with rounded neptiles, which, due to the immortality of the main hero, also produce the small drop of napt. Despite this, I put all the suitcases together with the DLC. Pro? Because of the game and the original style of art deco inspiration, the genre is presented.

Close to the sun.

Boshock how to wash, do not you think?

The Italian studio Storm in and Teacup is inspired by Bioshock in this respect, but instead of repetitive stallions, it is only underscored. At first glance brown, after the visual is a game of Bioshock virtually indistinguishable, but another problem is that the lost fight with the neptiles does not replace them elsewhere.

This is a walking simulator, which does not put a pancake before the game. It would not be a problem like Firewatch, Gone Home, or Everybodys Gone to the Rapture, and the way they could handle it. However, these games do not have much freedom and allow you to interpret the world around you.

Close to the sun.

Tipick hern hdanka. This is a board that should be soaked in a notch. This is

To close the sun in the game with the hallway and all the tracks for it sliding under the nose. Nothing against scripted games, only you lack the freedom to replace the other. For example, the cinema as a tale of plague. Only here, after a few minutes, is the same passage as the paper's maximum with the next fragment of the interesting pbhu.

The game will be played in the late 19th century in a gigantic pool, where the world's brains are located, including the example of the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla. Just how to do this, during the trip there is nothing wrong. The heroine then embarks on her own pst to save her sister.

Pbh does not have a single dramatic moment, and only five hours to finish is coming as a day before payment.

Only exceptionally, you will find a primitive fallacy, possibly an acne sequence. I felt the strongest emotion the moment I discovered, after the ill-succeeded Alt + tabnut, that the ukld game was over, then I had to repeat a few minutes of strange edges.

Perhaps you should know that Close to the Sun is exclusive to the Epic Store with all the negatives at the moment. It is not only a reason to search for hidden sbratelsk objects, the achievement for this is just catch.

Near the Sun does not result in a bad game, there is only an infinite amount of game. It does not contain any element, because it would be worth trying it, and in those days after the end of the problem, recover any memory. There is not a single reason for retirement and freedom to influence you so much. You like to play Bioshock again.

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