Resting heart rate reveals the risk of premature death! TEST IT


There is nothing new about the fact that heart rate is related to health. However, Swedish scientists have linked it directly to the risk of premature death. The results of his research are quite surprising – in fact, the values ​​we consider normal are, indeed, at risk.

At rest, an average healthy person has between 60 and about 100 beats per minute – at least so far. In complete tranquility, according to the website to be a heart pulse, even only between 40-70 beats per minute, but in today's rushed times, however, it is relatively difficult to achieve such calm, values ​​are tolerated for hundred.

Doctors in Sweden have now discovered that the threat to life may already be 75 beats per minute. Each additional heartbeat means a three percent higher risk of premature death in general and a one percent greater risk of a person suffering from cardiovascular disease.

People with heart rate of 55 beats per minute or less had a 44% lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The study looked at fewer than 800 people for 21 years to detect these diseases or premature death.

So how do you test this?

Measure your heart rate in a quiet place where you are well. He certainly should not be at work.

Rest at least five minutes before measurement.

The best place to measure your wrist is the inside of your wrist. But it can be measured at the neck just below the jaw.

When you find your pulse, measure the number of beats in 60 seconds (or in 30 seconds and multiply the number by two).

Did you measure? Check here if your heart rate is well within one minute of your age:

In general, women have a faster heart rate than men. If you measured high heart rate, it is not worth going to the doctor.

Heart rate may change throughout life, but it should not be as vigorous. However, it may decrease slightly with age. According to The Sun, the most vulnerable group is people in their 50s and 60s. If, during this period of life, they suddenly hit the heart, they also have a tremendous onset of heart and vascular disease.


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