Prague wants to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050 –


At the same time, the representatives approved a number of measures to achieve this, such as the purchase of renewable energy, limiting the heating of solid fuels or promoting non-internal combustion engines.

"Prague intends to be responsible and wants to reduce the amount of CO2 produced in its territory," said Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubucek (STAN). At the same time, he criticized the government for not respecting Paris climate deal much. According to the deputy, the city must implement measures to adapt to climate change and, at the same time, to those that do not deteriorate them. The state of emergency has already been announced in the second half of May by the Prague City Council last week.

According to Hlubuček, the city will prepare a package of preliminary measures that will be implemented gradually, including its timeline. The document could be created in about a year, and a specially created commission will work on it. For example, former Environment Minister Martin Bursík will be there. The Commission will address in particular four areas, namely sustainable energy, sustainable mobility, the circular economy and the climate change adaptation strategy.

Opposition officials criticized the approved plan, which they believe to be nonspecific. According to Tomáš Portlík (ODS), the commitment means significant tasks for several future municipal executives without specifying the steps and their costs. "Approving such an important press without proper discussion is absolutely irresponsible," said Ivan Pilný, an ANO representative.

In response, Hlubuček said that many European cities have already declared a state of climatic anguish without detailing the costs of all projects by 2050. "In an era of economic well-being, we can think ecologically more," he said.


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