Popular musician and scientist Jiří Traxler – Novinky.cz died


Jiří Traxler was enchanted with the folk song in all its forms. He was a musician and ethnomusicologist at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Jiří Traxler, born in Prague, was initially influenced by jazz. Gradually, the band, in which he and his brother worked, approached the genre skiffle. It has roots in the US and combines jazz, blues and folk. "When we found an article somewhere, what we're playing is the skiffle!" So we made the name of the band, and then the style became family, "the Traxler brothers said in their past about their stylized, historical, and semi-solid work.

Their band played 7,000 live shows. For example, the brothers defined the performance of the Bouquet of Karel Jaromír Erben and Máj Karel Hynek Mácha in the performance. In collaboration with Traxler and Miroslav Horníček, the productions On Your Health, Seifert, The Well-Concealed Violin, Letters from Provence and Talks of Laughter were created.

Directly to the Traxler brothers group, Horníček wrote the play Kantor Barnabáš and the rascals in 1971. The group also collaborated with actors Otakar Broušek, Jiří Bednář, Jiří Krampol and Petr Haničinec. She made about 300 radio films, 200 TV shows and eight movies.

Jiří Traxler's younger brother Petr died five years ago at the age of 65.


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