Sunday , October 24 2021

Pirates are considering a vote of distrust in the government. These members would be


Six people are still being sued for alleged fraud by getting a $ 50 million grant from Stork's Nest Farm – but everyone refuses to be blamed.

"Today, two proposals have been submitted to the Prague Public Prosecutor's Office to prevent the trial of a media case known as Stork's Nest case," confirmed Ales Cimbala, a spokesman for the Municipal Public Prosecutor's Office of Prague.

These were the last two applications. They would have come from the wife of Prime Minister Monika and daughter Adriana.

Protests have been taking place for almost two months, even for the investigation of Prime Minister Babiš. Its organizers on Sunday discussed with the president of the ČSSD coalition on possible changes that should ensure the independence of the judiciary.

"We asked him to support CSSD, also, with a bill, a parliamentary amendment that would have the government remove the state attorney at any time," said Nicholas Minar, president of the Millionaire for Democracy.

According to Hamáček, there is a consensus on the need to maintain the independence of the Supreme Public Prosecutor. "However, this is what Mrs Benesova also said. If there was such interference, it will be the last vote of the Social Democrats in this government," Hamacek said.

The current political situation is also dealt with by the Pirates. In addition to the possible conflict of interests, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has more to do with things. They are therefore considering asking for a vote of censure of the government – in the Chamber of Deputies.

According to political scientists, the final audit report of the European Commission, which deals with the possible conflict of interests of Prime Minister Babis, could influence the outcome of the vote of distrust in the government.

A motion must be submitted to a vote of no confidence to support at least 50 members. He would then have to consecrate an absolute number of all deputies, that is, at least 101. If enough votes were found, the government would have to resign.

But that's not very likely, according to New TV. In fact, 108 MPs, YES, CSSD and KSCM would probably occupy the government. ODS, Pirates, SPD, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 and STAN would be in favor of censorship, and non-attached Members Václav Klaus junior and Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková, both initially elected as ODS, would unite. That would put together only 89 votes. The remaining three non-attached Members did not wish to respond to the SPD on Monday.

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