Pharmacy warns parents: baby food contains dangerous poisons


"Dear customers, we inform you openly about everything and we do not hide information from you, even if this does not happen according to our wishes. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the BIO side dish 190 g, strawberry, raspberry and apple, 4. month, with minimum durability date 16. 10. 2020, baby fruit plate BIO 190 g, peach, passion fruit and apple, 190 g, from the end of the 4th month, with minimum durability date 16. 10 "2020," wrote DM drugstore facebook.

Withdrawal also applies to other products. "… Fruit dish Babylove BIO 190 g, mango and pomegranate, from the end of the 4th month, with the date of minimum durability 15. 10. 2020, baby bio food in bag 90g, strawberry, banana & muesli, from 1 year, with minimum durability date 16. 10. 2020 and 17. 10. 2020 ", added the company.

Drugstore found that baby food contains dangerous fungal poisons. If customers already have them, they should not eat them. "Downloading dm is a precaution because traces of aflatoxins have been found in the controls during the controls. Customers who bought the above products, please do not consume them and return them in any dm with money-back guarantee." the pharmacy added.

DM apologized to clients for complications. "The quality of the products offered is a high priority for us, so we regret the situation and apologize to our customers for this inconvenience," he added.

Aflatoxins are substances with extremely high toxicity and are produced by fungi. They can harm human and animal health, threatening predominantly the liver, reported They can cause acute intoxication in large doses.


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