Pavlna Pozkov: In the round they drove


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Pavlna Pozkov admitted that he spent a fortune on the ground bike. Several co-workers chose it as ob.

I have often tried the ikan. Those courtyards of the next mile. It goes so far that, even once, my head shot up and disappeared.With these lines, it seems that two, they told me then. They were fierce and from that day in the round my hell broke, wrote Pozkov in one of the last pspvs in my Instagram.

When I was years old, the mothers left and left for a better life as a widow. That's why I was not willing to respect myself and I was not sure of myself. When I do not want to give birth, I'm not good enough, I've regretted, admitted the model after years.

Thanks to the photos, he also remembered good relationships with some of his classmates, friends and friends. She was tall, funny and confident. While I was lost, I was not sure of myself and was just looking for it. The twisted boy left at the top of the photo is Jens. My first child. And the first boy I ever kissed. This is how Pozkov wrote.

Topmodel described and peeked at the photo and gave his friends together. Her best friend was Malin and then Petra. Pavlna liked Charlotte, who later went to study at Pae. Thanks to Christine, who is lacking in the photo because she was often absent because of illness, Pozkov has become one of the most promising models in the world. She met her modeling.

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At the age of seventeen, Pavlna Pozkov became the youngest model in the prestigious swimsuit edition of the prestigious Sports Illustrated magazines.

For example, she starred in Anna, her alibi or Arizona Dream, she appeared in the TV series When Tan Stars, served as a jury in the Americas Next Top Model and wrote the autobiographical models of Rome Lto.

Her husband, since 1989, was Ric Ocasek, the rock singer The Cars, with two children. In 2017, the marriage ended in divorce.

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