Monday , April 19 2021

Pavlna Lubojatzky from MasterChef esko: New wave of hate!

During the last few lengths, she had to take a few steps and take her dream away and say goodbye to her MasterChef. Pavln Lubojatzky made it to Pesto and finished. The question is how much this was due to their culinary skills and what percentage of the judges who dedicated themselves to it, who often had to use ob oi during their presentations.

In one, she said, she couldn’t even finish the brownies, in the other she spoiled the common boil. The jury in the form of Jan Punoch, Radek Kaprek and Pemek Forejt always congratulated them, bowed to their skill and sent it on to the next stage.

Pavln thus managed to escape the shovel’s grave during the debt, in the middle with his relatives, and later even eliminated Pepa Nemrava, who was one of the main favorites of the general team. Now she has a valuable scalp. She eliminated Pavel Berky from the competition, only during the entire competition did he make the fewest mistakes, so no one doubted his participation in the final.

Prvn near vyhrl s pehledem Roman Staa, kter se so on kln svch soupe dval from the balcony.

Just as it is a little stressful because you can be a self-taught cook, but once you get into a snooker duel, it’s basically for him. As far as I’m sorry, but at least I can say for sure, competition should be a priority first, so I dream about it and I don’t know much about what’s going on around me. But you two really freeze, Pavel sighed after Pepy Nemravy gave up. It had been known for a long time that those words would soon be with him.

Paul happened to be a croquembouche, and in his preparation they had the time and pl. Although the jury praised both desserts, the final verdict was that Pavlnka was advancing to the final.

The question is what role did the taste of your creation play in this and the fact that a finle without Pavlnka should have much less audience than a finle with n.

Thousands of girls gradually admit that there were twenty on the show for the first time. And it is clear to the public. About 1.3 million girls went to the show in the spring and today the audience has 800 and 900 thousand girls. At the same time, the finals are always the most watched.

We will be surprised if Pavlna will defeat Romano or horses, he will find his conqueror. It must be an honor that nobody did anything for the victory in MasterChef other than Pavlna Lubojatzka. Not only did she give up the brand’s work to have time for thorough preparation, but she lost an incredible 22 kilos.

if the jury wants to do the same?

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