Pattct msc Jgra with Kladno: knitted to nvrat a extraleague


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The room of the Kladno winter stadium, where press conferences were held on the first day of the year, has been updated. Jgr answered the questions for about an hour, from which the plot was about the future of the 45-year-old hockey player.

The main thing is to help Kladno. And also to make my mother go see the naive, set Jgr priorities. The legend of ijc hockey was at that time willing to deal with the old sincerity with the extralegence Tinc.

Jgrv comeback toti complicated his medical condition. In front of him, he spoke of a sore knee, while Ryte only got two days after the grand press. It happened in the separation of his cameraman Petr Nedvd, when both winds in the duel of Bentek with Kladno in the ice dominated as in his young years.

In mid-2018, Jgra's purse was overthrown by Marek Sikora of Havana, so the blood Jgr had to be helped by healers of ice. Vetern recovered his bruised knees, and Sikora had to elect the deadliest ad from the Kladno fan.

For the Ryt legend to get involved in the bar, she needed to make the starts for Kladno. Jgr jumped just for the last game, but in the end did not lose the same situation due to his state of health. Just as he watched, he had to laugh with his last fourth hand on the bar table. The procedure has been postponed.

It was also unclear when Jgr would return to action in the new season. The difference of speculation foresaw that his survival was not wasted in the fall. Jgr Jr repeatedly discovered that he was missing just one slit to help Kladno on the ice. In the meantime, Tom Plekanec joined the team and gave a rehearsed drill.

Nvrat krle eventually occurred under symbolic circumstances – 17th hole, ie exactly one year after Jgrov's last full utk. In addition to Hawaii, it has made legends more difficult for the previous season.

Let's not go with symbolism. The prints finished after a fort in the city, and in Perth, Perov, Marek Sikora directed their colors in the league. Pkn nhoda, and?

In the meantime, a regular mission began after an unsuccessful attempt to probit the extraleague. Kladno put the Moravian team in five laps, Jgr got the first in the playoffs and in the third semifinal against Jihlav, one of the most important players. Even Dukla had to double five bits before Rhythms.

All day I was in church, Jgr was introduced to tyglov

And after a year, there was a bar again. His departure indicated that Kladno had lost the pace of evacuation. Two portions in the first two rounds scored 0: 7. There were only five victories in the ad and the Extraliga was suddenly within reach. J married the best shape we will have at the bar, grinned Jgr after a duel with Budjovice.

There is a reason. tymi gly changed back into the world (4: 2) and played Rytm after five years in the extra league.

Continue driving, whether in five seasons between the elite stage again as hr, or pod Kladno only from the funkcione position.

There is one thing – the main wheels, which after the upset of the vyty zmo, have fulfilled.

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