Patricia Solaříková had to seek expert help!


Throughout the years she has been involved in acting, Patricia Solaříková has found that it is sometimes important to talk to experts about her life and get advice. With that, the favorite actress entrusted to her fans, who wanted to press for a search for a psychologist or even hesitate.

Actress Patricia Solaříková commented on a hot topic on the Instagram. She admitted having sought psychological help from two specialists. "There is no shame, on the contrary, to look for someone to help us find and maintain order. Be it a psychotherapist, a trainer, a psychologist, "she said flatly.

"Keeping order in your head is so important that you can be happier in life, but being tidy up in your head is very difficult," thinks Solaříková, who has reorganized many things in his life in recent months.

For example, after long thirteen years, she said goodbye to the endless TV series New Street, but also became engaged to her friend Tibor Pagáč. Perhaps it was precisely because of these decisions that they helped the experts.

"Those who go somewhere praise them for doing something in their head. And those who do not want to, but would like to, so I wanted to give them the courage that there is nothing wrong with that," Solaříková wrote on Instagram, where almost 320,000 people watch. "And those who do not want to and do not want to ignore this post," he concluded.


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