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Brian Gibbons (left) from Ottawa Hard stops Barrage Tampa.

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The Tet season has suffered an injury to him, this time a broken ankle, which is a big problem for the hockey player. "But I got out of it and does not slow down," says Tampa's Ondej Palt. Zrove bag piznv: "The points that could be, naturally, a better."

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So how was it?
Nelehk I did not play enough and I was discouraged. Since I hurt my ankle, I could not even skate what the problem is. Personally, I do not understand, it was not cool either. On the other hand, with nm of tmov, which is more important. Along with the play off.

This is what you and Tampa did with msc. TK dret in napt?
I think you, you are around the two msc. We dream of an hrt as if you were in the game. Let's try the situation. But in this way, against the darkness, the desire to wake up and the other to fight for the game are also behind.

In the play off, he will wait for what he had to fight until the last moment. That's nice?
But let's not rest, it will be the same. I do not see the bottom of it. It does not matter if we get Montreal, Columbus or Carolina. All these darkness are good and we can not choose much.

After Andrej's retirement, it felt like you'd be here, finally at Cooperators in Tampa and Slovakia. It's all right?
It's great that Erik erk is the perfect first season in the NHL. He's one of the best on defense. You skin jet Honza Rutta. Cel tm is great, but there is an echo and Slovka is nuts. Let's stay together a lot.

My daughter was born changed my life?
It's something else. Even if you are not in hockey, you go home and have a little girl there, looking for a hole in your life. It's a beautiful thing.

Do you dream of helping?
Like him. The first estimate was for my wife, I also tried to do it. Especially after I had to fall asleep to two, I had a twist on the milk so the man did not have to get up. Pebalovn zvldm legal.

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