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It is precisely because of the mobile data that they are often criticized in the Czech Republic. The same companies offer more advantageous data packages, or even unlimited rates, for similar amounts overseas.

However, in the Czech Republic, the offer of completely unlimited mobile data was missing completely, people always had to do with a clearly defined data limit, usually in the order of GB units. Anyone who wanted to watch videos on their cell phones or download larger files, for example, had to accept additional charges for mobile data consumed or use a different type of connection – WiFi wireless network.

Unlimited data for free

First, T-Mobile has decided to change its summer event by offering unlimited mobile data to people for the first time. All prepaid and fixed-rate card holders can activate a new package, Unlimited Data for the Summer, from My T-Mobile on Thursday.

The unlimited data limit package will be valid for 30 days and can be activated repeatedly.

A package with unlimited data can also be used abroad.Juraj Bóna, director of T-Mobile for the Czech Republic

"We want to offer our resident customers a carefree summer, full of experiences, where they can simply extract much more data than they are accustomed to. And when we talk about unlimited data, we think so, "said Juraj Bona, T-Mobile's director for the Czech Republic on Monday.

He also pointed out that unlimited data apply not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout the European Union. "Within the European Union, customers can use data in the most comfortable and safe way possible at home, not paying any extra money. Business customers can also benefit from the offer – those who do not benefit from a framework contract or a large customer agreement, "Bona said.

Only for more people and with lower speed

Vodafone has entered a new offering on Wednesday, as in the case of T-Mobile since Thursday. The younger Czech operator, instead of a limited offer in time, started a journey through new mobile rates with an unlimited data package.

Rates with unlimited internet rates start at 599 CZK. But this only applies if you just purchased the above mentioned internet at home and at least four people are using the service. In total, this package with a fare will cost CZK 2795.

If two people use this offer, the price of the complete package with two SIM cards and the unlimited domestic Internet will be 2396 CZK.

Offer Rates Vodafone Unlimited

Offer Rates Vodafone Unlimited

PHOTO: operator file

Unfortunately, an individual can not buy an unlimited internet. Vodafone offers rates only as the so-called multiSIM offer, which connects mobile and fixed Internet connections and can be used by a family, business or group of friends.

However, potential candidates have to assume that the speed of the unlimited connection is reduced to 5 Mbit / s. At the same time, the speed of mobile Internet in the Vodafone network is much higher, reaching average values ​​of about 43.6 Mbit / s, as News.cz reported on Wednesday.

"The offer is for homes and businesses connected to Vodafone's fixed Internet, which is now available for 99% of them," said Petr Dvorak, CEO of Vodafone Czech Republic.

According to him, now is the ideal time for the new offer. "A year ago we said that unlimited mobile data could not be introduced into the Czech Republic without high quality fixed infrastructure," Dvorak said, adding that domestic coverage is now at such a level that unlimited data can be offered.

That's why the younger Czech carrier ran with a new offer of unlimited rates. "We see a strong demand for better data services, so we decided not to wait any longer," explains Dvorak, why the new Vodafone Unlimited tariff is coming now.

O2 plans new rates

O2 has not yet reacted to the competitive offer, so the offer of this operator is not completely losing the tariff with unlimited mobile data. However, Lucie Jungmannová, an O2 spokeswoman, confirmed that the operator is already working on new tariffs.

"Following the recent doubling of data on unlimited tariffs and the enhancement of O2 Spolu's packages, we intend to introduce a groundbreaking mobile tariff offering that will better reflect customer data needs," said Lucie Jungmannová, an O2 spokeswoman.

She recalled that O2 currently adds two GB of mobile data at unlimited rates to customers in the e-shop, and the O2 Spolu packages also bring significant savings.


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