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Oil still does not flow to the Czech Republic. They may stumble fuel

Russian technicians are working on a system to get rid of three hundred thousand tons of polluted oil as fast as possible. The Russian government has promised to resume delivery tomorrow. "There is a great threat that the situation will not be resolved quickly," said Lukáš Kovanda, an economist.

The Czech Republic is recalling a crisis so great last time in the 1990s when Russia and Ukraine lost their oil prices. Since 1965 oil has flowed through Druzhba to the Czech Republic. Its flow through pipes with a diameter of about half a meter is 3.5 to 5 kilometers per hour. His journey from Russia to the Czech Republic takes several days.

Delaying the restoration of the oil supply may mean raising the price of gasoline, diesel, LPG, fuel oils or, for example, asphalt. "Oil is the blood of Czech industry and the Czech economy. If this blood does not flow, businesses and families will lose weight, "said Kovanda.

The Druzhba gas pipeline begins in Samara, Russia. Oil flows through us to Belarus, Ukraine and Slovakia. In the Czech Republic, Družba begins its 505 km route near Hodonín. There are two final stops: Pardubice and Litvínov. But the largest volume of oil ends in Nelahozeves.

About 40 kilometers from Prague, near Nelahozeves, is a central oil tank farm. Here, various types of oil are mixed for refineries and emergency stocks are stored here for the Czech Republic.

Unipetrol of Litvínov, which has oil reserves for only four days, is ready to request supplies. No one knows when Russian oil returns to the Czech Republic. The administration of reserves of state materials and refineries will work together tomorrow.

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