ODS deputy Klaus Ms. wants to leave the club – Novinky.cz


"I'm not thinking about changing the colors of the party, but it's very difficult for me to coexist with club colleagues who do not understand my decision, they can have a different moral integrity, I do not reduce it, but I'm thinking of leaving the group ODS ". on TV Nova Majerová Zahradníková.

In a direct question about whether or not she was considering it, she added, "Yes, I am determined."

According to her, the party puts the solution of the internal disputes of the party on the quality of the management of the school committee. "I can not vote for Václav Klaus's withdrawal from the school committee. I have always been a defender of experience and qualification, "Zahradník said during the day.

The ODS states that you are entitled to three seats on the school committee under the House settlement agreements. Since being expelled by Klaus in mid-March, she had only two seats on the school committee.

ODS president Petr Fiala said on Wednesday that he had heard of Majer Zahradnikova's announced departure from the club. Neither I nor the president of the club (Zbyněk Stanjura – Ed. Ed.) We have been informed about your step. No one expelled the Honorable Member, but no one prevented her from leaving the club. Apparently, your personal relationship with VK ml. stronger than their relationship and loyalty to ODS. I exclude anyone else from following her, "Fiala said.

Last week, Vaclav Klaus said he was planning a new party with his father.


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