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Nobody expected this: Miroslav Etzler END IN ORDINATION!

Three loves are behind the actor's decision. "I decided to take a break and go to the family and theater," said Aha! an actor who loves Helen (36), son of ten months of Samuel, as well as theater directories. His departure from the series has not yet been predicted. "At my request, they listed me from the surgery and left my character to Paris for a long time," the actor said, leaving the back door open.

In the series, the rule is that as long as the character does not die before the camera, it can return at any time. And this will probably be the case with Etzler. But in the near future, it will not. "I want to do a series of vacations," he added. "He's finishing the last scenes and should appear on the screens until the end of the season," said Aha! informed source of Nova TV.

Not saved

In this way, Miroslav Etzler will relax from the demanding carousel and the medical environment he has fought since entering the stone hospital in early 2017. "As a patient, I am terribly scared. I see a needle and I am already feeling a nausea, "admitted the actor, who admires all employees in the health sector.

"I have an obsession with life that I like doctors. Playing for it is a commitment and a rare opportunity to look at their world. How many times does he have to work with people who may be unfriendly to them, see them at the stage of illness when they do not look good, smell, have pain, cry, "said the actor, who coughs himself.

"My father died of cancer, but I'm not at all aware of my health. For example, I have not had the flu for about 20 years. time comes when I do not get out of bed, "Etzler said.

First is the son!

Once Etzler has free time, he passes it with his son Samuel, around whom his whole world revolves. This is also evidenced by your Instagram. "He is such a miraculous son because he is already looking at us and the world with optimism and happiness shines with him.You know, he is sleeping for twelve hours a day, and he smiles the rest of the day just to look to the water while he moves and he is absolutely satisfied. He is simply a child who has a visibly happy life, "says Etzlera Junior.

Miroslav Etzler admits the end in Ordinace! What happened?

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