Night of theaters. Non-wandering in theater scenes will run it today Culture


The show is on a Saturday night, more or less at night and at night, open the door (even the later) eskch theaters, is connected to the ten year project of the European Theater Night today. They are not the only ones in the theater business, they are usually invested in touring, discussions about phenomena and sight, techniques, workshops, music, lectures and so on. Divk is a guest and an active guest.

There are hundreds of events in about a dozen cities, which represents a truly massive event, as well as being filled with non-traditional galleries and other cultural traditions after free time and for free.

Because of Latvian night theaters, the rattle on the date for this historically oppressed and emotional country on November 17, is no wonder, leckter's programs are related to that date.

Where is it? At where? It was a revolution for the first time … in an attempt to invite him to the nvtv, for example, brnnsk Divadlo Husa na provzku. He invites to his problems that are full of energy, talents of revolun, forgetting of characters, props, revivals, djinn, weddings, so joy and sadness, blessings, and the prince and the mist. Monday comes the wind of evolution. (Prohldka is held here from 20 to 23 hours, after a quarter clock, in groups of more than forty people.)

Russian Production
Russian Production

This is how the Vclava Havel Library wants to remember that theater and revolution have often passed in the history of esk. So for the Night of Theaters 2018, she produced a movie about the exponent of experimental production Power of the defenseless. The text is based on Vclav Havel (Power of the defenseless, Olga lyrics and gave) and Vladimir Hanzel (Accelerating heart rate) and is not played in the theater, but in the public space in Nrodn or in Vltava nbe. Reisr Ji Honzrek pipout, the text is useless, but promises a walk in the real sense of the theater, playing the word, action, movement, image and music in the lead role.

The play with the songs and the combination of several theatrical procedures are the essence of the performance of an interpreter and a commentator in the production of Divadlo Archa Rusci? According to Jan Burian, to answer the question of how to deal with the esoteric trauma of occupation in eighty-nine Russians, who are still in the squad. The bag is poured by the astounding monuments of theatrical changes, the fluid theater space project, which has struck (and petitou) a remarkable development since the era of E. F. Burian.

The Drak Theater in Hradec Krlov made another invitation: Enter Dragon Automat and see the secret theater life you did not dream about. And if you read bt dttem, or sp dosplm, the Automat Drak is right!

It must be assumed that the night of man and the arts, the whole Republic, awaits many potentials. The program is prepared for many, in rock scenes and alternatives, even within the plenary. By their very nature they are left, but with duty, the men of the theater think of them.

Concerning the bilateral approach, the fact that the various capacities to register have been accelerated. Still, he's sure to walk his way and look where he is. Actors, actors, cars and playwrights, vtvarncs, musicians and all who have dramatic art at the inn are ready.


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