New shots of a trolleybus collision with a tram in Brno, a woman with a stroller is not there


The video was published by the mayor of Brno-Bohunice. The shot is captured by a trolleybus, which surpasses the car with a camera behind the windshield. Green lights at the traffic light at the junction.

A trolleybus at a crossroads suddenly turns left, where it faces a tram approaching. The impact of the rear of the trolley is thrown on the lane, passing just by another passenger car, which should avoid the trolleybus.

There is no apparent woman with a cart in the shot, who should avoid the trolleybus. This possible cause was initially speculated and then discarded by railing inspection. Police said on Wednesday that the most likely cause was a technical failure on the trolleybus.

The police are working with several camera records. "Of course we also work with video recordings, whether from surveillance cameras or passing on-camera camcorders," while examining the causes of an accident.

Police are investigating Monday's tram and trolley crash in Brno as a general threat of neglect. The accident happened Monday before 14:00 and blocked Křenová street for almost six hours. 40 people were injured, 13 of them heavy and moderate. According to police, the investigation may take months, dozens of witnesses need to be heard.


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