New role for Czech icon. Elijah will try his assistant role in New Jersey


The New Jersey top scorer will take on some of his role in history, and he should, for example, devote himself to video preparation, watch and evaluate players on During the matches, he will sit in the press booth along with Goalie coach Rollie Melanson.

Last year, Elijah had the opportunity to try the test he could use to find out what the role of an NHL coach is. However, the two-year double bronze medalist of the World Championship has trained as an assistant to the Czech national team under 20 years of age.

Elijah: I'm still learning.

"I'm just a passenger, I'm just watching.When they ask me a question, I answer .I keep learning and this is a great way to watch them, and I'm happy to let me do that," Elias said.

But Hynes believes the double winner of the Stanley Cup has something to bring. "From our point of view he was great.He was a great player, almost like a coach when he was on ice.His vision of the system, how we do things and the appreciation of the players come in handy," he said.

Former Czech hockey player Patrik Elias also wore a national shirt with a revolutionary design.

Czech hockey

Eliáš is a club record holder in the number of goals (408), assists (617), points (1025), goals in power games (113), points in numerical benefits (333) and winning goals (80). In the playoffs he holds the maximum number of goals (45), passes (80), points (125) and goals (21) and points (52) in power plays. The Stanley Cup with the Devils won in 2000 and 2003.

He last played for New Jersey in the 2015/16 season when he had only 16 games due to problems with his right knee. He was still trying to come back the following season but did not get rid of the problems even after the surgery and ended his career at the end of May last year. The Devils, who had been loyal to Elijah in the NHL all the time, picked up his 26th number last year.

The New Jersey team is the last in the Metropolitan Division table, but can not go away.


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