New Inflammation of HIV Ubv. But the disease is often too late.


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Even if the number of people infected with HIV declines, the late capture of pibv.Za 2018 registers hygienists with 209 new cases of HIV. This is 45 minutes and not in 2017 and 77 minutes not in 2016. However, while in 2008, HIV was infected by one tenth of a patient, by 2018 there was one seventh (14.4%).

There is a problem at the end of HIV / AIDS. It should be our duty to avoid this, said senior hygienist R Eva Gottwaldov.

According to Lkae David Jilich of Na Bulovce Hospital, he is soon employed in his talents. Although the disease is insensitive, it is deadly without lba. It has been found that the strategy from the time of arrest to the shortest time since the diagnosis was revealed is wholly beneficial. Lba then prolongs his life and improves his quality.

By the end of 2019, 66 people had been infected with HIV, of which 5 were foreign. Gottwaldov was the largest in the city. The most diagnosed, twenty-five, was from Prague. According to Gottwaldov, this is caused by the fact that Prague is a free mind (cel text to peten here).

Between 2013 and 2017, the hundreds of diagnosed HIV cases for 100,000 Europeans have dreamed. The total grant in 2017 was diagnosed with 25,353 cases of HIV.

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