Mold, dirt, faded heating! Many primary schools violate hygiene regulations


Rusty fire and heating, dirt, mildew, poor light or poor ventilation. Such deficiencies are most often encountered by hygienists in elementary or secondary school classes. "We conducted 122 school inspections in the Central Bohemian region and in 22 we faced problems," said Dana Šalamunová, a spokeswoman for the Central Bohemian region.

"Fluorescent lamps are off, or there are insufficient numbers, badly timed monitors in the computer lab and poorly maintained floors, or that are already damaged, disconnected, and so on," Solomon said.

The auditors focus not only on the order of the classrooms, but also on observing technical parameters like suitable lights or the ceramic workshop background. But also school furniture is checked – if it matches the size of a child.

For example, in a computer lab, it is mainly checked whether the monitor is positioned correctly, must be perpendicular to the windows and that each student has an adjustable chair. But not every school building is new and modern like this in Březno in Mladá Boleslav.

The Marjánce Elementary School is more than 100 years old. With the outdated heating, it has been bothered for years. Either he drowns too much or runs.

"It's much more complicated, financially demanding to run a building like this, rather than a new building," said school principal Anna Niklova. All radiators should be cut, not only in the hallways and in the classroom, throughout the school, including wiring.

According to the director, the renovation of the windows is also falling. It is really difficult for some schools to comply with hygiene regulations.


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