"Mirek's departure," Lea admitted. "With me!"


In the How It Sees show, MasterChef has revealed to her student Kristin how she's coming back to the show. "I decided to put everything in it," she said. "Now I have to prove to jurors that I belong there."

On the 15th, the contestants had to face a challenging challenge and prepare seafood. Mirek came to his place in the competition. One of the judges, Radek Kašpárek, dared to taste his seafood meal. He was so sick he had to leave the plate. "I'm going to turn around," he shouted in disgust.

Mirek disappointed his jury with his food. "It was awful," said Premek Forejt. "The food was terribly underestimated, it was inexcusable," he added.

Lea was very friendly with Mirek during the competition. When the jury pulled him out of the competition, she took a lot. His departure even wept. "Mirek is a friend, so that's all," she said wickedly as the young waiter sees MasterChef.

With Mirek, Leo already met in the first casting and immediately fell on a note. They knew each other better in the hotel where the competitor lives. "There was a bar downstairs, we had fun," she said. "We studied cookbooks together," she laughed.

Which girls in the series cooked for Tereza? How does he take criticism from the jury? Were the competitors leaving Sarka? You can find out in the latest work as he sees MasterChef! For the latest episode of MasterChef, visit NovaPlus, all on VOYO.


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