Miloš Zapletal rejects offers to resurrect competition Miss Miss


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His new book will be released this fall under the name Beyond the Famous. "This is my experience in show business because I have worked with many interesting people from Karel Kryl through Maria Rottrova and Olympic for Michael Kocab or Bolek Polivka," said Zpapletal, who has already published the book Báchice blanického rytíre and the book The Immortals on Active People. years.

The first Miss Czechoslovakia competition was held on April 8, 1989 at the Palace of Culture and Sport in Ostrava. Much has changed since the first brunette from Prešov, the first from Czechoslovakia, to sit on the throne thirty years ago.

"I know you have multiplied and crumbled. Fifteen years ago, some felt Miss's competition was a lucrative business. But results only happen when a person, like any job, does it honestly. Sometimes someone offers me if I want to go back. Of course, I refused, because this phase of my life, and the life of my wife who organized it with me, are behind us, "Zapletal said.

However, due to the 30th anniversary of the competition, Zapletal will soon return to Miss. On Monday, April 8, in Prague, he organizes a meeting with former participants, some jurors like Ladislav Špaček and artists.

The Miss Czech Republic competition, organized by Zapletal since 1989, has been running since 2005 with Miss Czech, organized by Michaela Maláčová. While the Czech Republic was chosen by a professional jury, the Miss Czech was chosen by the viewers. Zapletal and Malacova judged him because he used the interchangeable name Czech Miss for his competition, but the courts ruled in favor of Malacova. Finally, the competition was merged and since 2011 there is only Miss Checa, who since 2014 has changed owners several times. The current edition is hosted by Miss Events. No television was interested in broadcasting the final.

QUIZ: Christ, Maláčová, Zapletal. Miss celebrates 30 years, how well do you know her?

The new Miss Czech Republic contest competition began in March. The competition is organized by the same team that organized the Miss Summer competition since 2013.

One of the former judges of Miss Czech Republic of Zapletal, Ladislav Špaček, says that "the competition has lost prestige and has become a showcase of beautiful faces." "Milos (Zapletal) chose Miss for social recognition and the competition was serious.He wanted her to help make girls a noble personality.When we look at the story, we find that many of them have been successful.Examples include Miss World 2006 Taťána Kuchařová and Monika Žídková. The competition was a guarantee that the girls would not be forgotten four months after the final, "Špaček said.

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