Message from Paris to London: I Djokovic can lose


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Djokovic then continued his opponents. On Saturday, in the semifinal, he attributed other interesting paragraphs to his rivalry with Roger Federer, who won 7: 6, 5: 7, 7: 6.

"Of all our famous battles, this was one of the best," said Djokovic, and only the owner of the crystal ball would bet on that moment that the unsuccessful Rus Karen Chachanov could stop him in the final. That's exactly what happened.

"Few people could imagine that he was doing this to the Serbian superstar," he wrote to Reuters, and the AP called the "brutal" attack by Chachanova.

In the second half of 2018, it's truly a unique thing. Djokovic has won all 22 previous duels, with the exception of the US Open, two ATP Masters 1000 tournaments in Cincinnati and Shanghai. Previously, he was also Wimbledon. He worked as a machine for success, virtually unstoppable.

In Paris, he went to his 33rd title at Masters events, which Nadal achieved only in the past.

Udolal Federer, despite the fact that the Swiss was showing big pieces, including an extraterrestrial reaction to the fact that the ball unexpectedly cut the ribbon, but Federer fired the missile in the required direction in milliseconds. "Novak is in the lauf. Everyone knows that on the court," acknowledged the loser.

One explanation for the final sensation may be exactly what preceded it. Clashes between a Basel elephant and Belgrade performers are among the absolute classics, and Djokovic could run out emotionally.

Another non-portable version: Chachanov played very well. Aggressive, hard, without fear. A young Russian against genius in court covering 31 winning wounds. The legend of Bercy is traditionally the penultimate chapter of the year of the tournament. After him comes only a party.

in the dark O2 arena across the sea after the Trophy distribution of Paris follows the Tournament of Champions in London. Banquet for the most elitist. Chance to deprive Djokovic. Who offers this courageous mission?

Nadal is now a limited liability claimant. "I can not answer what it is. I take it now day by day," he said when he left Paris for trouble with his abdominal muscles. The championship tournament is the only event he has yet to win – he would like to change it, but: "It has been a difficult year for me to have an injury. Health is a priority."

Federer seems to be on the rise. Both at Wimbledon and at the US Open, he lost duels, which he would have seen lately, in Basel triumphed over not convincing speeches. "But it was a lot better here. I feel physically fresh, I'm looking forward to London," he said.

The rest of the eight members have big dreams like the greats and the gunmen Kevin Anderson and Marin Cilic. None of them, nor others Zverev, Thiem and NiĊĦikori, but still do not know what it takes to win the Tournament of Champions.

Djokovic won five times (four times in London) and Federer six times. Theoretically, they should collide in the Thames Finals, but events on the Seine show that tennis can offer even a very unexpected development.

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