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MEMORY: Johansson, Champion League Champion. And for him, only one word


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First, it was an entire hour, and she was just thinking about the ninja to make Johansson not know what she is.

When the first phase was over, he took the floor two meters long, stood in the middle of the room, and captured the plhodine speech in vdtin. Natruc, get married, with miles here est. Even though he was a stranger at that time, he used his natural authority and warrior nature to plunder his first.

It was far from being known all over the world. He was not the first man in European football. And he decided not to worry about how the league champion was.

He passed Johansson's death and served to worship his legacy.

Johansson, a former UEFA comrade, was the only one who was at the birth of the Champions League.

He always preferred factual politics. That was the weakest of him. What he put his hand on was true. In Europe, recalled Petr Fousek, mentions the Czech function, which met Johansson for thirty years.

When the vast science with blue-eyed and gold neck neck was elected president of UEFA European Football, football krel is on the right track. Alespo ten in Europe. Johansson Jr. had a clear vision and lamented the politician. That is why he remained in office for seventeen years, above all else. Even in June 1998, he faced Sepp Blatter in the election for the president of the world. He fought, though he lost 99 percent, because Blatter's diplomatic relations, payrolls, and voices were at the top.

When Lennart Johansson comes in, I say a strong word: a warrior. Warrior to the right, pitak Rudolf epka, beating genre secret eskho union.


Both football players and fans paid homage to Lennart Johansson, who died on June 5, 2019, at UEFA's stadiums.

Remember how it happened to Blatter? For the Mafia of Creation and Corruption, which is the American FBI, the ethics committee has been working for eight years in football. Michel Platini, who decided to go to Blatter's hand, did not do much better. He stood against Johansson in 2007, boiled over his breasts, became the new president of UEFA, but the corrupt wave also left him.

While Johansson coined the theory that many football committees would have to be given to experts, they would like to be a member of the UEFA Executive Committee. Politics and pensions play an important role in football, which has been a disturbing sight. As president, the stock market could point. And he pointed.

He would have lost his physical seduction and, in recent years, was only driving him in a wheelchair, his brain functioning well. And colleagues thought he was immortal. It was okay when devtaosmdesti died. Fousek said: "Football is a poor thing".

Johansson helped from an administrative body called UEFA to create an elegant and comic project that manages the photos of the club as well as the continent's star. The office moved from Berne to Lake Enevsky in Nyon. The only thing that could be disapproved of was abandoning the rewards of video and other technologies that made football a mistake: football is a game of people, not a robot.

We should remember only the giant Stockholm. Especially at the moment when the most difficult football is playing with his impressive anthem. Johansson did this in 1992: Budi League Champion!

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