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She always caught the hunter about how the human body works, and so on, on the medical wheel, and continued with the pharmaceutical faculty in Hradec Krlov. I have been studying diseases and illnesses for nine years, but I have been doing this, discovering that it is not for health prevention, that it is very cheap, natural and natural. The quality of makeup was very important for Margit Slimkov

Then she drank up and found out about the negative inc. When the dick came in after drinking, about 25% of the patients were still in inches, fine. So I was looking for information on how to prevent, live, move, enlighten, remember the prisons of the future Sarmov Karmi.

After the revolution, one of the students used to do business, so she helped him at the booth, and he knew what to do to keep up with them. And I gave the ore to crush the whole grain of pepper, vegetables, my cakes and find out that I can persuade. In the end, I got the space in the company and, for retirement and the name, I organized the production of a healthy life and, later, I began to direct. I was twenty years old, studying, working, and teaching what to do.

Today I am a specialist in health prevention, pedagogy, linguistics and books. He is a fan, but a critic. Defects in the food industry are criticizing their unhealthy and misleading claims. Diets and diets propagated do not like the way people eat healthily without eating their dietary and dietary products. Experts who have announced margarines with trans fats or other dietary nonsense are failing to pinpoint their doubts. In fact, critics often defy my outburst and recommend it. When asked to do any quotation I advised patov vivov, they will not find it, for.

For the most vivid, the nonsense we take for ourselves is a food pyramid. The most deceptive of modern vivid. The Pyramid asks what we eat, how many blisters, fat, carbohydrates and what we have to say we need to eat. I am convinced that there is not just a mean or calorie ratio for all the people in the world and for a period of time, mn.

According to Margit Slimkov, these things are very individual, and there may be people who follow very different levels, not the food pyramid. Nowadays, you are a very popular nzkosaccharides with a high fat meal, when the pyramid is totally tired, and it is good that many people find and help. The essence of healthy diet is not uncommon in terms of in vivo, grams, calorie tracking, amount of dn, but quality, says Margit Slimkov.

So how to eat and drink? Behavior is good food, which we can not see and do not have to control when and how much we get. According to me, it's the most misleading thing for people to eat, calories, eat diet products. This has led to diets that we have disturbed for as long as possible, the stress of jade, the feeling of tiredness and the fear of it. Today, people are dieting, diet, diet, but it does not work, we have an epidemic of obesity and a disease associated with it.

Margit Slimkov (49)

  • Specialist in Health and Vivu Prevention graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy at Charles University in Hradec Krlov.
  • In the years 1993-1995, she worked as a vivis counselor at the Institute of Holistic Medicine, later in Germany and the USA, where she graduated in study stays and certified vivov courses.
  • In 2010, she graduated from the U.S. in postgraduate studies. In 2015, he graduated from a pharmacy study at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Komensk University in Bratislava.
  • He has collaborated in activities to improve the quality of jade machines, cellars and vending. Promoted the restriction of the sale of unhealthy food in rounds, which the kolstv ministry held in the form of the so-called pamlskov vyhlky. It actively seeks to improve the nutritional patient in hospitals.
  • In 2017, Globopol's think tank focused on vivacs and health prevention. She has a whole career in pedin and publicly on prevention of health and experiences, she has published several books, her last of which is called The Very Personal Book of Health. More on
  • She is married, I have children.

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