March record in car sales in Germany and Switzerland, Tesla Model 3 still at the top


In March, 9677 cars were sold in Germany. The year-on-year increase is 42%. In Switzerland, there were 2,162 vehicles, accounting for 7.5% of new electric car Tesla Model 3

Germany is proud of March 2019 a new monthly record of electric car sales, namely electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Electric cars sold 6616 units, 3061 plug-in hybrids. Overall, cars in the takeoff in March accounted for 2.9% of new car sales.

Of course, the Tesla Model 3 electric car, with a record of 2,226 units sold, was the best. Behind him was the surprisingly well-sold Renault Zoe with 1136. The third best seller was the BMW i3 (770).

Interestingly, the Audi e-tron electric cars sold 478 in Germany in March, the Hyundai Kona Electric 284, the Nissan Leaf 40kWh 227 and the Jaguar I-Pace 106. The utility cars of the StreetScooter then 118.

The Swiss ranking, as in Germany and other European countries, was dominated by the Tesla 3 model. Of a total of 2,162 cars sold in March, 1,094, more than half, were model 3. Parts sold share the rest of the ranking.

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