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Liquor Rudolf Jelinek harvested a record harvest of plums


Vizovice liqueur, Rudolf Jelinek, harvested 840 tonnes of plums this year in their orchards. Information came from company representatives. In the last two years, the harvest was bad. The company has nearly 60 acres of plum orchards, this year's harvest was the eleventh in the company's modern history. With the planting of fruit trees on the southern slopes of the Vizovice valley, the company started in 2003.

"Slivovitz this year will not be an emergency.The splendor is almost four times higher than last year 2012. The years 2012, 2016 and 2017 markedly affected the bad weather.A lot of potential crops fell for us," said Miroslav Motyčka , director of marketing and marketing of liquor. The biggest harvest was still in 2015, when it harvested 515 tons of plums.

The average yield for this year was 38 kg of plums from a harvested tree. The harvest employed 120 people, aided by a special mechanical device, the so-called crusher.

There are nine varieties of plums grown in orchards that mature from July to September. In the larger area, Stanley grows. Gabrovská, Katinka and Čačanská lepotica are the oldest varieties. More than 20,000 fruit trees are cultivated by ten seedlings and 50 hives and 15 beehive nests are distributed in the orchards for proper pollination.

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Likérka wants to have more control over the quality of the raw material, thanks to the burning of its own fruit, so the kit is gradually expanding. The goal is to have 200 hectares of production orchards in the Czech Republic and cover up to a third of their own fruit production. A large part of the fruit is bought from other producers. Besides the orchards around Vizovice, the liquor has two more arrangements, where it grows cherries and apricots, as well as plums. Fruit cultivation is also done by sister companies in Bulgaria and Chile.

Last year, liquor sales rose three percent to 454 million kronor. Profit before taxes fell by one-third to 19 million kronor, mainly driven by investments and repairs.

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