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For a year we will make deliveries of peru automobiles to Europe, because there came into force new environmental requirements, which go beyond the current Euro 6 standard, quoted representatives of the Russian concern Finmarket. All new passenger cars now have to meet the Euro 6c standard for the first time in the EU and the Euro 6d-TEMP standard. Moscow will introduce the EU emission standards below. The car from Russia will invite me to the German automaker Volkswagen, the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

In Russia, the Euro 5 emission standard, which has been included in EU countries by 2015, is currently being paid.

Rusk's concern is that it is only transitory. We are in the market a few years ago to wallow, the representative of the AvtoVAZ Group. In addition, the company is working with Renault to create the model Lady Uren for the global market. French concern has taken over full control of carmaker Lada late last year.

In doing so, the Russian team of Renault says leaving the European market will not cause this. Last year, AvtoVAZ sold 5800 cars in the EU, which represented only 1.5% of AvtoVAZ's total sales. But about 15% of Lada's total car flew to Europe, with 38,300 cars last year.

According to information u arrived at the end of the delivery to Europe and sales eskm nezvislm. It is interesting to note that, according to the letter of the COC, which the Russian side adds, all cars have to comply with the eco-economy Euro 6d-TEMP, which is still in force, one of them on condition of anonymity for the iDNES .cz.

The most important features for the European markets are the 4×4 ternn, originally called Niva. He had a cheap and simple offroad he was not replacing. Even your engine is the most run to meet the next ekonormu. To end European activities, according to speculation, the focus is on other markets.

In addition, the objective is to save on the Russian market and make AvtoVAZ a company with a good track record. Only then can we develop for a long time. Obviously, we'll talk about exporting the export, but momentum is the clear priority of the domc market, and the vice president of car maker Jan Ptek told two years ago.

Lada 4x4 (blue) HardCross
Lada 4x4 (blue) HardCross

et sellers are cadopdn eager to multiply, not the situation is clear. Niva's sales started very well now. This year, we sell a piece of red, which is 76%, to the Ji Vaverka, owner of the Brno Canocar dealership, which sells Russian cars. And add that due to the unclear situation, they have increased: we have seven cars in stock, registered. For now, you can enter cars in the production of a Slovak importer, which extends the concession, in the new concessionaire Autoprofit ilin. If production for the EU were actually stopped, we will be able to deliver individulnobjednan pmo cars in Russia. For you and kolsav prices, but again with the ability to configure the equipment, add Ji Vaverka.

From the decision of the Russian subsidiary of Renault, according to the Polish newspaper tit Volkswagen. As I recall, Volkswagen produced 200,000 cars last year in Russia, of which 20,000 were in the car, Russian President Vladimir Putin said when he arrived at Kremlin general manager Volkswagen Herbert Diess. It was strange because Putin is very much in the Kremlin for foreign companies. But he regularly shows this estimate for Volkswagen.

This time, Diess came to Moscow to talk personally with Putin about special investment agreements, as Volkswagen wants to sign with the Russian widow. Contracts of this type guarantee the collection of the investors. Diess added that Volkswagen needs Putin's support not only for the lion's investment in his Kaluga plant, but also for the entrances to Ninm Novgorod, where Volkswagen cars are also assembled. This leads to the GAZ Group, which headed the Russian oligarch Oleg Dripaska, and some of its companies, including GAZ, imposed sanctions against the United States.

First, because of the risk of US sanctions, Volkswagen has reserved all of its investment in Dripas' leads. The president of Rusk pacified the Volkswagen bag. We will continue to work and seek ways to support Volkswagen's activities in Russia, promised by Putin.

Rusk's president with this MSC Pobl of Moscow has obscured the opening of the first Russian culvert to produce the Mercedes. Its operator, the automobile group Daimler, in connection with the construction of a factory called Mercedes Moskovia, concluded as much investment with the Russian government as the Gazeta Wyborcza.

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