Thursday , October 21 2021

Krl to fly on pilgrimage to the NHL. Magpie vid Kubalka next to Kane and Toews


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Dominik Kubalk, a hockey player, went through the intervals of the year, confirming his position on the elite plate of the Zlata hokejka poll.

Who would say that to the boy, what is bad to say, he could just shoot and be for us?

Attention, be careful, the boy has not been trapped for the last two years, and you may come across it. A bacha: an hrt I do tla. It was inside, but it's certain, vyldal Martin Straka, that Kubalka zn.

When you ask him about it, do it. He may be upset, he's a sea lion, his nobody beats. M in the legs, will be in the marvel of the NHL, vigorously.

Golden stick

On Monday, the 17th of weed, Zlata Hokejka's research for the best game has expired and the editors of are gradually ten finalists.

Tom Hertl and David Pastrk

Jakub Vorek

Magpie Kubalkovi nitern v. When you will figure out how many percent Chicago can go without leaving it: Devadest!

So the bold tip comes from the relevant belief that a thirty year old beast is really ready for the world to be the same. And your options and the power to go are not exhausted.

It all started last year, according to Straka, he had an extra league. The move to Switzerland has increased. While he was in the small Ambri-Piott, which was a village with pr homes, but he had to press the pressure.

And it turned with nm. Which is good, because Kubalka's main problem was the psyche. He had problems with himself. He thought it was not as good as it really was. That delayed him. But you may have realized the quality and will be like Ameriani and Kanaani, I hope it's Magpie.

Kubalk is purely stellar. A predator that is after a loot. He also worked in defensive activities without having to worry about the NHL. I learned to bleed the premises to behave in front of the armor. In Switzerland, the other trenr was sent to the ice even when it was weakened twice.


The reason to stay ahead of Chicago is in c.

1. In the NHL, they lead to Liga VN. M there is sound and it is a piece of dl esk. and won n points in n, is a great business card because there are many great hockey players from Canada, Finland and Widow, the tough Magpie.

2. Chicago after years of abundance through cultivation of kdr, and this is a baldness.

3. Kubalk is at the end of the day. Angam helped him in France, that he was in a foreign country and succeeded. Not only that, Straka insists.

But Klov will be trstra. It will not work without giving up space. Dominik is one hour for the first two lines and for a stack, for a representative of Robert Reichel. And Straka Dodv: Mus hrt with nkm he nachyst ance. The extension on the outside, is a worker, mak, attack, it is a full hour. I see him next to Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews.

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