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Konen won in Pilsen. Big left and cheer, said sniper Hubauer

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Hubauer was in the first break game while soldering on Pilsner's properties. Glman Ale Hruka departed with Tomé Souka, who was unable to kick the balloon, so the bearded bandit ordered him to discover the marriage and celebrated with a big shot.

I'm glad I helped the darkness because it wasn't regular in the game. But sweat and glory, said Hubauer, who got Pilsen for the first time in his life. Attempting to dest.

Even the coach of Trenovsk has not scored here yet. Did you talk about it, was it an extra motivation?
I talked to him about it because he never won here either. It is a great lion, a great joy. We are glad that after years of failure we have increased our kennel.

You know the league by nine points. How do I look at the table?
It's a big difference, but we know that only ourselves can go wrong. It would be a coda to lose it somehow, yet we'll be the same.

You weren't active in the dark, what did you decide?
It wasn't the game, it plays a lot here tko. Plzela played well, had a solar parade, somehow. We and about ten minutes started a small dret balloon, but it was all the time. And in the end we had a pattern and then gl. The skin type was a fight, sp was wondering if he should add a goal from the break or assign it to some pattern.

Do you want to see this?
Yes Sname looks dark, fighting for each other, it was worth it today.

Did you give one of karie's easiest photos?
Yes, I simplified it. We talked to Tom Souk, he got his head on his head and said no. But he hit Alee Hruk, so somehow it went there …

You faced Pilsen four days after playing at Barcelona. How much force did this fight take?
They are not pastures. Barcelona, ​​Pilsen, Ostrava. In the end, I was thinking of seeing that the guys who played at Barcelona were busy. It was a pity that we didn't put the gla in the break and not calm down.

Coach Vrba talked about leaving my hri in the winter – and what I could sign on his presentation. Is that the only hope your rivals get me?
We can really spoil ourselves, the jump is really big. But below, we are in the middle of the basics and the crisis always comes to someone. We can also drink in ours, we will be delighted to be unable to get rid of it and it will all be over.

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