Kiss will say goodbye to a concert in Prague, and ZZ Top will also come


The second year of the Prague Rocks musical event on June 19 next year at the Eden football stadium in Prague hosts the famous rock bands Kiss and ZZ Top. More evening guests should be notified.

Tickets priced between 1690 and 2990 kronor will be available for sale on Friday, November 9, reports Petr Novák of the organizing agency Live Nation.

Kiss to Prague will arrive as part of the End of the Road farewell tour. "Everything we have built and everything we have achieved in the last four decades would not have happened without millions of people around the world who filled clubs, stadiums and arenas. This will be the final celebration for those who have seen us and the last chance for those who have not yet seen us, "they said. "We're going to say goodbye to our last tour of our biggest show and then we're going from where we came from," they added.

The Kiss group, the genre glam rock, originated in 1973. During this period, it launched 20 studios, eight concerts and 13 compilation albums. Concert musicians spit fire and fake blood, use pyrotechnics and stand out disguised as a demon, a star boy, an alien, and a cat.

The biggest hits include Detroit Rock City, I was made to love you, or Crazy, Crazy Nights.

Between 2000 and 2002 Kiss went to The Farewell Tour, which he called his last, and was introduced to the Rokenrol Hall of Fame in 2014. They played in the Czech Republic several times, most recently last year at the Brno Exhibition Center. In Prague, about 15,000 people arrived in Prague in 2015, due to the attack of Moravia fans, Czech Railways had to reinforce the additional car transport at the time.

For the communist regime in former Czechoslovakia, Kiss was unacceptable not only for the noisy music but also because of the logo with the two evocative characters of the Nazi SS units. However, Kiss Nazi trends are nonsense, according to music publishers. Because the two founding members are of Jewish origin.

The other artists of Prague Rocks, the band ZZ Top in Texas, are famous for their energetic music and long bearded musicians. The band, whose style is known as South Rock, has been playing in the same composition since the beginning of 1969. ZZ Top was named after cigarette paper, a debut album released in 1970.

Bassist and singer Dusty Hill, guitarist and singer Billy Gibbons and drummer Frank Beard recorded 15 studio boards for half a century and had countless shows.

Early in his career in the United States, he played for Humble Pie, Ten Years After, Mott the Hoople or Janis Joplin, Alice Cooper or the Rolling Stones. Tres Hombres of 1973, a young Fandango of two years of age, brought them great success! or Eliminator of 1983.

"We've played so long that we're getting good, come on and see, it's going to be loud and excited," Gibbons said.

The ZZ Top in Prague debuted in 1997, five years later in Brno, in 2014 in Pardubice and last year in Pilsen. In the setlist they usually have Gimme All Your Lovin, Sharp Dressed Man or Foxy Lady cover by Jimi Hendrix. The drama and the dynamics of the night are simple and powerful sounds in the beginning-destination style, mainly changing the rhythm of songs and costumes or guitar of musicians. ZZ Top also has a typical "choreography", a synchronized variation of both guitarists.


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