Kingdom Come will be released in May in a special edition with much more money


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Released RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance (nae recenze) was in eskm hernm pond without debate loskho rok. And you're not looking at the outcome of your claim anyway, the decade of the Czech game to ignore.

Kingdom Comes: Milostn

Kingdom Come looks great even after a year, moreover, it is much better optimized.

If you take a handful of hours that you have decided to regret with buying baldness, you will soon be rewarded with reward. Ji en msc in counters store enters specln krlovsk edition, which will contain the game in the best way.

Within a year, since the release, the authors have been able to keep up with the bug, greatly improve the optimization and post a few more additions. In addition to the DLC published so far, chapter A Womans Lot will be packed, which is not yet ready. In n can also play for another character not for Henry, to buy, of course, also separately.

With its release, Kingdom Come will be a definite undertaking and the car will be able to proceed with another project. Ideln Second Debt.

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