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Prague Not keeping a safe distance between cars is a bad thing that has already caused many accidents in the Czech Republic. The action is currently not punishable, which should be modified by the amendment to the Road Law. However, the new revenue may not apply at all. The Safety Information Service (BIS) requires it not to apply to safety body cars.

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According to the project proposed by the Ministry of Transport, the minimum distance between cars must be precisely anchored in the law. For cars with a speed exceeding 80 km / h, the length shall be at least 30 meters for trucks of at least 50 meters if the speedometer hand shows a speed of 50 km / h or more. For non-compliance, drivers would recently receive four penalty points and a fine that may not have been specified.

Safe distance between cars

The safe distance between cars, as proposed by the Ministry of Transport.

However, according to the BIS, which commented on the amendment in the interdepartmental comments procedure, the same meter used for ordinary drivers can not be applied to selected intelligence vehicles or police units, the Military Police or Customs, which usually use spacing closer.

Transport of protected persons

"They are, for example, vehicles in a column when they transport protected people or carry another protected interest. In such situations, it is often not possible, for tactical reasons, to maintain a stopping distance in general or a specific distance of 30 meters at a speed above 80 km / h, "the secret service said.

Thus, the Ministry of Transport is requesting a legal exemption from counterintelligence, so that the rule of compulsory retirement in vehicles of security vehicles does not apply. According to BIS spokesperson Ladislav Šticha, this is the reason why the rapporteurs were involved in the comment procedure. An exception would have one condition: drivers of such cars would have to drive with such care so as not to compromise road safety.

Truck column. Vector illustration.
Domestic drivers ignore the so-called two-second rule.

The amendment was interdepartmental in February. In addition to the BIS, about three dozen state institutions commented on this. Specifically, a point in the safety distance had several fundamental objections. The Ministry of Defense and Interior, the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Prague spoke; for example, they were disappointed that the proposed distance was insufficient or that compliance would reduce the flow of traffic.

The Ministry of Transport did not comment on the objections. According to resort spokeswoman Lenka Rezkova, she is analyzing all of them. "Substantial comments will be duly discussed with the entities that applied them," Rezkova told Rezek at the end of March.

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