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Kateřina Brožová admitted: Soukup and TV Barrandov were a burden to me!

Was the break with Jaromir Soukup to her a relief? From one point of view, actress Kateřina Brožová admitted that because of her connection to TV Barrandov, some people around her were staring through her fingers.

Actress Kateřina Brožová recently broke with media mogul Jaromír Soukup, whose empire includes TV Barrandov, in which both Soukup and Brožová were moderate. They spent six years in the relationship, but ended up separating because it was difficult to separate privacy and work.


Kateřina Brožová and Jaromír Soukup | photo: Petr Horník / Právo / Profimedia

These two things were, according to Brozova, a problem in differentiating the people who gave him a relationship with Soukup, who moderated a discussion program with President Milos Zeman, who ate. "Not only that someone came and said something about the lungs, it's happening mostly behind the scenes, but you can feel it," she told Diary in an interview.

"This boxing and calibration is typical of our site," says Brožová. "If anyone is interested in anything, come in person, I will be happy to tell you and explain. But when someone ignores you or does not occupy you because you think you belong somewhere, it seems ridiculous to me," he added.

The reaction of some people around her surprised the actress. "You know, you can hardly assume, as a hired actor, that television is going in some political direction." I was busy on TV, wanted to do my job. It was only over time that it was the last year and a half "She told Deník.

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