Friday , October 22 2021

Karel Gott is on Instagram! He said with a wonderful message!


A few days after presenting her Charlotte with an exciting duet in the music world, her daughter retaliated for Karel Gott. She welcomed him on the social network Instagram, where several Golden Nightingale established a profile. And the fans immediately received a wonderful message.

Today, legendary singer Karel Gott has provided further evidence that he is definitely not an old-fashioned iron, but he can go with the times. On holiday, which is part of the shorter calendar than Gott's, he created a profile on the Instagram social network.

He also posted the first video, which he said in the following words. "Dear friends, welcome to my first and only Instagram account. Your Karel, "he told fans, who have just over 15,000 in just a few hours.

"Dear friends, welcome to your first official account on the Instagram," Gott said to himself in delight. The fans hoped to find out more about him than he was dating.

"Have a wonderful day, celebrate on your own, and hope to see you again," adds Gott in his first Instagram video.

So far he has watched only four people on the Instagram: Tereza Maxová, Leoš Mareš and his daughter Nelly and Charlotte, who he sang recently with the moving duet Hearts Do not Quench. It was Charlotte's father who hosted this social network. "Welcome to Instagram, Dad," she wrote, adding a heart.

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