Karel Gott celebrated his 80th birthday with his friends


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The Pilsen native, Karel Gott, will celebrate his 80th birthday on July 14. On Friday, however, he decided to hold a spectacular birthday party at the Na Jezerce Theater in Prague, to which he invited all his friends.

The event, organized by the singer's wife Ivana Gott (43), should be kept secret. There were very strict security measures, and the theater garden was surrounded by green nets to make the birthday boy and his guests as safe as possible.

Among the participants were Brzobohati, Vaclav Neckar with Jan, Marta Kubisova, Jirina Bohdalova, Martin Dejdar, Barbora Spotakova, Nada Urbankova, Tereza Kostkova, Jiri Krampol with his wife, Dana Moravkova, Richard Genzer with his partner, Josef Laufer, girlfriend Gotta Martina Formanová. There was also the singer Lida Nopová, who accompanied Gott for nine years during the performances, singer Aneta Stolzová's spokeswoman and the director of Na Jezerce Theater, Jan Hrušínský.

"I'm looking forward to the birthday party, I did not even sleep.It will surprise me.There is nothing I know," said Karel Gott before entering his birthday party.

An hour before the start of the event, the ambulances that arrived screaming scared the current photographers and journalists. According to the information, a person from the team preparing the party was slightly injured. It began at 7 pm with a two and a half hour program that was prepared for Karel Gott by his friends and colleagues in the industry.

Many congratulations brought gifts for the celebrity, despite the ban on the invitation. These were often in the form of soft drinks. For example, Ilona Csáková brought a cake, homemade pies and bread for the congratulations. Hana Zagorová and Štefan Margita arrived with a mysterious envelope in their hand, Karel Vágner brought a large bottle of rum. Both Gotta and Lucie Bílá surprised with the original gift, which made a St. Christopher pendant designed for him.

"I wish you health and enjoy the day and not the fright. I know she's scared today, said Ivanka. We are all here for him today, "said Lucie Bílá to Gott, accompanied by his partner Radek Filipi.

"He is the man who made our country much bigger on the map," Mikolas Josef told the singer. "If he deserves anything, it is not only respect, but peace, well-being and health."

"What can you ask of a master? Especially to fulfill what he wants. This is the most important, "says Jaromír Jágr. The ice hockey player also revealed that his favorite song by Karel Gott is Being Always Young.

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"I wish you good health, keep people around and be happy. When Charles is happy, we're all around. Charles is just one. I do not know a bigger icon in the Czech Republic than Karel Gott, "said singer Monika Absolonová, accompanied by partner Tomáš Horna, to the celebrity.

There were many musical performances, a commemorative toast and a surprise dinner cake. In the later hours, a garden party associated with the barbecue was held at the open-air theater. As usual, the evening was organized by Libor Bouček, which moderates all private events and shows.

Karel Gott celebrated her 80th birthday earlier this week when she baptized her 13-year-old daughter, Charlotte Ella, for a new compilation of three hundred of her greatest hits.

Gott's jubilee was originally to accompany a birthday concert at the O2 arena in Prague. But the singer canceled some time ago, her spokeswoman Aneta Stolz justified Gott's weakened immunity. However, the jubilee of the singer's life will be accompanied by an autobiographical book that will be published by the end of the year.

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