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John Wick 3 Launches The Best In Action Movie History

Hero John Wick is walking the streets of New York as if his last hour had come. At the end of the second episode of the series of films of the same name, she announced a reward for the organization of the killer, of which Wick is one of the main members.

In John Wick 3, which is now showing Czech cinemas, the prey hunt begins. But the serve will soon show that he is still a hunter, and most of all he will show that John Wick is the best Hollywood action series of the present.

Keanu Reeves, 48, was expecting this role this year. Since the Matrix trilogy, which relaunched his career, he has not had many different acting opportunities. And few would have thought that the 2014 film about the killer of the rest, that the thieves will shoot the dog, will be crucial, and he will take revenge.

But if there is a genre where "the stupid is the plot, the better the show," are the action movies.

The first John Wick took this rule to the heart of the 1980s and 1990s by Hong Kong action masters. And the third part now makes it perfect. Director and former stuntman Chad Stahelski makes the most of his own cinematic experience and once again brings viewers to thought-provoking and brutal choreographies that stood out in the first episode. This time, however, he is more reluctant to imagine.

New York, which moves John Wick, is from the beginning a space or mythical space like a video game. This suggests the first wonderfully absurd duel in the public library, where the hero destroys two heads of a larger opponent with the help of a nineteenth-century book. He uses it as a peculiar type of buffer – not to disturb the reader.

And in the imagination of the nineteenth century, the plot will remain. Wick and the throngs of pursuers, hungry for a reward written on his head, lived in the archive of dusty, gloomy old weapons in the first major massive battle of the movie.

Then they run into places where John Wick crushes his opponents with a kick that has the power of a horse. And literally, while we're in the tent – the devil's thinking of where she took a short walk through the streets full of iconic yellow taxis in New York – and the legendary Wick assassin is using his horse in a peculiar way. Not walk, but like a giant gun that crushes your skulls with your hind legs.

In John Wick 3, the filmmakers are constantly outdoing themselves.

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This combination of wit and action not only lasts to the end, but the creators are constantly winning. While the public reveals the rules of a mysterious global organization that Wick is part of, but only to develop more precise actions. Using martial arts from karate to Brazilian jiu-jitsu and with shootings staged in contemporary videogames. For them, the whole series resembles its structure.

This is already suggested in the third part of Chapter 3: Parabelo. As if the heroes were performing one mission after another, waiting to see what challenges the creators would launch in the next chapters. It can only be suggested that even in the end there is one that allows the lovers of quality action fun to wait for the fourth episode.

In the meantime, many things need to happen. For example, fighting in the streets and dusty, sunny houses of Casablanca, where the protagonist definitely did not seek "the beginning of a beautiful friendship" – even the scenes of the city that gave the name of one of the greatest classics of Hollywood, are aware of this legacy.

This is one more advantage of the series and, above all, of this last episode. She confidently plays with the cinematic heritage, sometimes on the verge of insolence. When Keanu Reeves answers the question "What do you need?" by the laconic cry of "Arms," ​​every spectator knows what to follow. And the hero will add, "Many weapons." This completes the replica that begins with the final act of the Matrix.

However, John Wick 3 does not stop blinking, he knows why he cites this and what he can afford. After all, it's a work in which Laurence Fishburne, in a similar way, uses his variation on the iconic leader Morphe, who he played in The Matrix. In John Wick, he plays a man who controls the internet of a pigeon and is not content with his place in the system. As familiar.

The Matrix connoisseur also witnesses the final duel, which is an impressive futuristic contradiction to the horse-opening scenes and relics of the armaments industry. It occurs in a room full of walls and glass columns, on which the wall walls have digital standards.

The action scenes of the third John Wick are definitely moving toward dance and ballet, which is often spoken by critics when discussing the choreographies of Hong Kong's top filmmakers. In fact, this scene also refers to Face to Face, the best American film from the legend of John Woo of Hong Kong that took Hong Kong to Hollywood in the late 1990s. But there it has been forgotten over time.

John Wick may not achieve the martial qualities of the old Hong Kong films and his modern successors in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia's two-part series Gareth Evans. Usually, the actors themselves controlled the martial arts and the action was not only accurate, but also incredibly fast.

What is lacking in John Wick's rhythm is captured by visual and choreographic imagination and the ability to mock himself at the right moments. Keanu Reeves does most of the stunts without the use of a trap, knows that he does not make another Matrix, that this series is a breathtaking game without much ambition.

John Wick 3

Director: Chad Stahelski
Vertical Ent., Czech distribution debut on May 16

But just trying to resurrect the art of action in Hollywood, which is often barren in the more expensive productions and responsible for the second team, John Wick is gaining recognition. Not just as a successful entertainment in part B, but as a revival of an essential part of the history of cinematography. John Wick is kicking with the power of a horse and it is a pleasure to watch.

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