Jiří Krampol on a sick wife: strict rules for her rescue!


"Hanička is doing well. She finally began to move. She understood that the weakened organism needed this, "he told Aha! Krampol.

She loves cauliflower

The health of his wife forced him to work for years, although his dish was not strange to him. "I learned from the aunt who boiled the Baron at Klecany Castle," said the actor, admitting that he had risen again over the weekend. "It was not possible before. On Friday I gave a presentation at the Semafor Theater and until then I had to try, "explained Jirka, who bought a pound of cauliflower on Saturday. "I can eat this from morning to night. I like to fry it with tartar, but with home! "Hanka interjected.

The cat will be?

"So I'm still frying and frying my pie on the old knee. But Hanka made me happy that she would be a cat again! The one I fell in love with … "he did not forgive Krampol." Yes. I already asked for a hairdresser, I take care of my skin. Still smoking, if I did not like … "his wife complained.

No Cigarette Crash

"They can not smoke, but the doctors said that was enough to take away." This can be a big shock to your body, cut it when it is accustomed to nicotine, "said the actor, who is very good at his homemade Hank. "Yesterday we were on a trip, the day before yesterday, back to our friends behind Prague. I'm going to put my Hanicka here," said Krampol.

Two months without food

Krampolová She took the ambulance to the hospital in early March, where she was placed in the ICU. She refused to eat for two months, she died of bone and only smoked and drank beer without alcohol. The doctors tried to put her on her feet again.

Jiří Krampol took a lean wife from the hospital! The weak Hanka can barely get away


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