Jakub Prachar has returned home: What is happening in the village now and will it be the end of the crisis?


Whoever thought that the marriage crisis of agate and Jakub Prachař – just like the previous ones – would survive, was wrong wrong. Although the couple first met in their home for the first time on Saturday, there is no doubt that a great return to the family.

The old man returned home because of his daughter's care since Saturday afternoon. Still, the husband of Agata Prachar arrived at his common villa at seven thirty. First, he gave his daughter to his wife and then threw the car seat inside her.

"Half an hour after her arrival, the nanny brought home a son. At home, the whole family gathered at home " described the situation at the photographer of Suchdol Express, which was on the spot.

But even the children's presence did not soften Prachera to stay at home. An hour after his arrival, he should get into his car and hastily gone into the unknown.

What were the husbands talking to each other during the common lesson? Have they ever dealt with the marriage or are they already willing to divorce? Dusty had been carrying her daughter for the last four days because they had already provided alternative care?

Although we have asked these questions, we have not received a direct answer.

"I will not say anything, sorry" Only Prachařová, who informed us about the crisis in his marriage as the first, recently wrote to us when he published a photo with a text in his Instagram account last week that few people can finish.

Although she tried to say it was just a joke, the events of the last days show that reality seems to be much worse.

Soon she seemed to be in your head and send another message.

"He went to work normally, without hysteria. Now a fairy tale will be filmed in Brno" Agatha wrote to us. But when we asked if she thought they were arguing at home, she had not answered.


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