Jaguar is preparing a giant SUV. J-Pace will be the flagship in two years –


Jaguar, after taking on the Indian concern for Tata Motors, tries to spread its wings on several sides. As for popular SUVs, the F-Pace came first, so the smaller E-Pace and the I-Pace electric crossover will be a showcase for future technologies for the entire Jaguar Land Rover.

But there is still a really great SUV. According to reports from the British Autocar, it will arrive in two years, more precisely in the model year 2021, which will begin in the middle of next year. Close relatives have the novelty of being the next generation of the "complete" Range Rover, probably a modular MLA platform.

Range Rover SVAutobiography Long

Range Rover SVAutobiography Long

PHOTO: Land Rover

It's this all-aluminum platform that will also allow extensive electrification, including a plug-in hybrid. Such a version probably will not have a mechanical pull on all wheels, but combustion and electric motors will split the axles. We will also have three rows of seats and a slightly more sporty character than the traditional Range Rover.


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