Jaguar and Land Rover still in the tail, new owners are more satisfied with South Korean cars


Agentura J.D. Power released the new Initial Quality Study results for 2019, showing new owner satisfaction in the first 90 days. And just like last year, South Korean cars were at the top. On the other hand, the Jaguar and Land Rover brands ended up in the tail.

But before we look at the full results, let's remember how the Initial Quality Study actually happens. This year, J.D. Energy data of 76,256 respondents who bought or leased an operating lease contract, a new car produced in 2019 and owned for at least 90 days.

The owners of these vehicles answered a questionnaire with 233 questions to show how satisfied they were with the car. The questions were divided into eight categories: exterior, seats, steering, engine / gearbox, function / control / display, interior, heating / ventilation / air conditioning and audio / communication / entertainment / navigation.

As a result, the number of errors that the owners found in 90 days is 100 per car. The lower the score, the fewer problems were recorded and the higher the satisfaction and customer satisfaction. According to J.D. Last year, 13 carmakers improved their power, while 18 worsened. On average, 93 problems per 100 vehicles remained.

"Automakers continue to thrive in areas such as infotainment, which increasingly attracts customer attention," said Dave Sargent, vice president of Global Automotive at J.D. Power. "However, this year there have been traditional problems such as paint imperfections, brake and chassis sounds, engines that do not start, and Check Engine lights. Many people have complained about modern care systems, but they are needed to build trust in the fully autonomous vehicles of the future. "

So how was it? This year, the top three brands included the Hyundai Motor Group: Genesis, Kia and Hyundai. In addition, compared to last year, the three brands increased the distance to the rest of the table. Not even a number of domestic and Japanese manufacturers, whose cars were above average, did poorly. On the contrary, all European producers were below average. The Porsche 911, which scored just 58 problems per 100 cars, has become the best individual model this year.

On the other hand, Mitsubishi, Land Rover and Jaguar finished at the table. So the result of last year is repeated, only the score has changed. While Mitsubishi was the only one of the three to scare from 111 points to 121 but still exceeded Land Rover (from 160 to 123) and Jaguar (from 148 to 130).

So both British brands are still losing their reputation and it is very sad that customers are not satisfied with them. But if they keep the trend, they will be able to advance ahead of Mitsubishi next year, and maybe Alfa Romeo, which has 118 points this year.


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