Tuesday , September 21 2021

It is not just Hübschman who joins the captains’ challenge. Maybe in a week we will play, he believes

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“I am of the same opinion. They were measures we followed and we tried to prevent the virus from spreading in our sport. We want to continue to follow them, as well as any other rules, so that we can play at least without people. If you are arrested and stay in quarantine, you can watch sports and have other entertainment “, says Captain Jablonec, adding:” But I understand that time is not easy for anyone and it is not easy for the government to allow professional sports. It is easy to criticize, but it is more difficult to think of something that works, I can take both positions, but if clear rules are defined, for example, if we are tested before each match, the sport would do under certain conditions it could run “, says Hübschman.

The 39-year-old defensive midfielder believes the competition will start again after a month’s break next week and that he and his partners will be able to face Brno. “It just came to our attention then. I believe in an agreement with the new minister. Mr. Prymula probably stayed there as a consultant, and with him football, and therefore the whole sport, was already discussing the conditions under which competitions could start over “, expects the former Sparta or Shakhtar Donetsk player.

The remaining clubs have been added
All the remaining 15 Premier League clubs adhered to the open letter from Captains Slavia, Sparta and Liberec, in which they asked Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to start professional competitions and allow full training on Wednesday. The League Football Association (LFA), which manages the first and second leagues, announced this in a press release.
Since this season, football players from the first league have been the only athletes in the Czech Republic to have coronavirus tests before each match, and the representatives in the cups also act before all duels on the European stage. However, the championship, like other sports competitions in the country, is interrupted, the last time it was played on October 4. Only a few international events received an exception for the organization in the Czech Republic.
In the letter, the captains of Slavia, Sparta and Liberec, that is, participants in the European League, point out that by interrupting the championship, the Czech Republic is at a disadvantage in the cups, where it plays for the best possible position in the ranking of national coefficients. The suspension of the competition will also mark the national team that will make three matches in November.
The leaders of all 14 clubs in the extra hockey league also wrote a letter similar to football players like Babiš. According to them, the current measures threaten the existence of Czech hockey as such.

Give people hope and experience! Three captains of the cup representatives write to Babiš

Of course, there is a ban on spectators at the stadium. “It is not ideal to play without people, but in this situation, of course, we understand that they cannot be at the stadium,” he says.

Will the football and hockey league start again? The new minister wants to decide according to the data

He was getting ready with his teammates this week as if he were already playing this weekend. “We try to train to be normally ready when someone gives the order to start. However, the question is how long can we last. If it should be postponed all the time, it is not pleasant. If it happens once, twice, that’s fine, but if it’s postponed for half a year, it will be worse for motivation and preparation ”, he concludes.

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