Insects die all over the world! Next is the man, the specialist warns


"How does a cheerful cyclist know? There are flies between the teeth." So this joke will probably not be understood by the next generation. In fact, insects disappear from the surface of the earth. He's already lost 75 to 80 percent. Butterflies, bees, beetles, flies or bees destroy climate change and pollution. They do not have adequate conditions for survival.

The fields of yellow rapeseed already occupy 20% of the agricultural land. Farmers treat rape chemically three times a year and insects are kept to a minimum.

Cultures do not have pollinators, respectively, but it is an extremely uneconomic solution and can be said in the built head. "In China, they are already hiring workers who walk with a brush and the flowers are pollinating by hand," says conservationist David Cip.

Even in our country there are farms and laboratories with bee nests. The interest among small farmers is enormous.

For example, in Puerto Rico, 98% of insect populations have died in the last 35 years – half of the birds and frogs have fallen by half. The food chain is disturbed. Not only do individual bird species disappear, but their numbers decrease. "In 30 years, the number of 300 million units in the Union has decreased by 300 million," emphasizes David Cip.

It's not too late to be rescued, at least by nature conservationists. That's why they use the personalities to beat the alarm. They want to change society's attitude toward life. Otherwise, inevitably, what none of us want. "The next is a man," he says.


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