Saturday , October 23 2021

In some EU countries you will pay for oil and gas! CEN OVERVIEW


Fuel prices continue to rise, Natural 95's price has grown significantly in early April, so gasoline is again more expensive than diesel. Despite relatively high prices, the Czech Republic is one of the cheapest countries.

"The average price of diesel in the Czech Republic, according to the European Commission, is CZK 32.57 per liter, while the liter of Natural 95 costs CZK 33.50. Duraković, general manager of Axigon's alliance to supply fuel cards for the companies.

Traditionally, very high prices in Europe are in Italy, where diesel currently costs 39.12 crowns, gasoline rose to 41.90 crowns. The Czechs will pay up to 8 kroner for gasoline and 40 hellers per liter. This is an incredible 420 crowns for a 50 liter tank.


GALLERY: Comparison of current diesel and gasoline prices

Source: buy alliance Axigon

Comparison of current diesel prices

Similarly, for example, Greece, where diesel will cost 36.45 kronor, gasoline is even more expensive than in Italy, a liter will cost 42.31 kronor. On the way to the sea, it is worth refueling in cheaper countries.

"Favorable prices very similar to the Czechs are in Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. A liter of diesel is even cheaper in Austria in more than 60 hellers than in the Czech Republic," said Durakovic.

The cheapest diesel in the European Union can be refueled in Luxembourg, while the liter is worth 29.19 crowns, while Bulgaria is also below the 30 dollar mark. On the other hand, the UK will have the highest rainfall, with a liter worth 39.76 crowns.

Gasoline can be found at low prices in Bulgaria, where it costs a liter of 29.21 crowns on average. On the other hand, the most expensive gasoline is sold in the Netherlands, with a liter up to CZK 44.35.

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