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PRAGUE President Miloš Zeman is expected to be promoted to General Petr Procházka, Barrandov said on Thursday. The deputy director of the Joint Operations Center of the Ministry of Defense, Procházka, has in the past refused Zeman twice, as has the head of the BIS Michal Koudelka. For him, the president said that the arguments against his appointment to the generals are classified. Promotion of both by the government.

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"Rejecting him twice was punishment enough to tolerate his troops having SS symbols on their helmets, so it is very likely that I will mention that time," Zeman said of Prochazka. In the case of Koudelka's arguments against his appointment to the general's post, according to the president added. "This was the intervention of the BIS in interpreting the history of education or teaching," he said. According to the chairman, Koudelka is also jointly responsible for Huawei's case. Earlier in April, Prague Castle spokesman Jiří Ovčáček said that if the government again proposes to appoint Koudelka as a general, Zeman will continue as in the past.

& # 39; It's not a man in his place & # 39;

In its annual report, the BIS wrote that the modern history presented in schools is indeed a Soviet version of modern history, and the teaching of the Czech language is to some extent also affected by the favoritism of the Russian language. Education Minister Robert Plaga (ANO) met with BIS chief Koudelka in mid-January. Zeman had already criticized him for this, he considered the meeting a gross mistake. Koudelka then refused that the BIS wanted to determine what should and should not be taught in schools.

Zeman previously connected BIS with warnings against the technologies of Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, which were issued by the National Office of Cyber ​​Security and Information last year before Christmas. In January, the president said that the director of NÚKIB, Dušan Navrátil and Koudelka, put at risk the position and economic interests of the Czech Republic in China. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) later stated that it is not true that NÚKIB, in this case, carried out the BIS. The BIS wrote about the potential danger to the Czech Republic, which may be represented by the increasing participation of Huawei and ZTE in the telecommunications market of the Czech Republic in its 2013 annual report.

The president said in the past that he was not a man in his place. He also criticized the latest BIS annual report, which the intelligence service warned, for example, about Russian and Chinese agents. He called it "slap" and the rapporteur of "cuckoo." The BIS rejected the criticism and said it had a period of success.

CIA Medals

Michal Koudelka, head of the Security Intelligence Service, took the foreign cooperation prize at the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Service (CIA) in early March. According to industry, the award is prestigious. "Awarded on exceptional occasions. Every visit does not happen, "said the former director of civil intelligence and former Interior Minister František Bublan.

"I take this important CIA award not only as a prize for my work, but mainly as an appreciation of the work of the BIS," Koudelka said in early April when the LN reported on the event. The meeting at the CIA's headquarters in Langley was accompanied by absolute secrecy. The point was not on the official US travel program. Koudelka piloted a special aircraft, which departed from Prague Kbely shortly after the departure of the government delegation.

Babis visited the CIA headquarters in early March during his three-day visit to the United States, culminating in a meeting with President Donald Trump. The media have speculated about Koudel's involvement in the CIA talks. The prime minister declined to comment on the content of the meeting before or after the meeting. According to Interior Minister Jan Hamacek (CSSD), the topic was probably the cooperation of the secret services, the fight against terrorism and cyber security.

Brigadier General

The government has approved nominations for the post of generals last week. In Koudelka, she stated the reason for her high professional and personal qualities and the excellent results she achieved. Koudelka, according to the government, should get the rank of brigadier general as well as walk. The government also proposed upgrading to the rank of General, another representative of the army, fire brigade, police and Prison Service.

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