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Prime Minister, why did you decide to replace Jan Kněžínek, Minister for Justice, by Marie Benešová?

I have not changed anyone. But for a while I was looking for a minister because it was clear from the outset that Mr. Kněžínek's engagement was temporary. Then speculation began to grow in the media that would end the job, which could have spurred him to accelerate. Besides, he had family reasons.

When Mr Kněžínek told me on Monday, 15 April, that he was resigning, and a day later he sent me by letter, so I had to decide between the three candidates.

On Thursday you chose Benesova. What did she decide on her? And why does it have to be so fast?

It is not easy to find a minister and he wanted to solve it before Easter, the president's departure for China and the expected reconstruction of the government on April 30.

I chose Mrs Beneš because we need to fight against corruption and clientelism, to which we are still criticized. So I met a man with great experience with such a struggle, as well as with justice.

Is it a coincidence that police handed the Čapí file to the Prague prosecutor's office on Wednesday? So how is Benesova a counselor to President Zeman?

Ms. Benesova is the president's counselor, but that does not affect my decision.

The president did not recommend me any minister in my life. The same conversation was about the Minister of Agriculture, Toman, whom she proposed. dem

Those who now defame Mrs. Benesova have forgotten how she fought the justice mafia at a time when Topolanek led the Supreme Public Prosecutor Vesecka. Then they applauded her. Ms. Benesova was Minister of Justice, before Otakar Motejl appointed her as State Attorney General, whose name no one would question.

Both the judiciary and the opposition are concerned that Benesova is turning to the ministry to replace the prosecution. Can you guarantee that you will not be sent to order Chief of Staff Zeman's dismissal or to pressure the plaintiff into the Capi's Nest?

You may have gone mad, editor. This is total nonsense what you say. Every time everyone shouts at the Pseudocussing Stork's Nest. He was roaring over Capi's Nest when we chose the Chief Inspector General, just as the Minister of the Interior selected the President of the Police. No problem.
And if we wanted to change Mr. Zeman, we could have done that a long time ago when she was a minority government. Why would Mrs. Benesova do this? Why are you still speculating about the absurd? In addition, the government would have to decide on the dismissal of the Supreme Prosecutor.

His appointment surprised CSSD. Its president and interior minister, Jan Hamacek, said that if staff changes took place in the prosecutor's offices, it would be a serious debate in the governing coalition.

I suppose CME as a coalition partner will be more pleased if I name your former vice. Even the next transport minister, Kremlik, is a member of the Soc. before being adviser to Špidla and Rychetský.

Why did not you really convince the princess to stay?

Because he decided this because he is primarily a lawmaker, not a politician, and because he took the place temporarily.

You certainly remember how your appointment came about. It happened after Ms. Malá gave up the press campaign. When I said I would temporarily manage the resort, a huge roar of traditional parties and journalists, the stork's nest and so on, was overturned.

At midnight I offered temporary supervision of justice to Finance Minister Schiller, who commended himself to Mr Kněžínek, who had ten minutes to think. It was shortly before the vote of confidence and I wanted the government to be concluded.

Mr. Kněžínek took the place saying it would be temporary before we met anyone. That is why his position as Deputy Minister of Administration of the Government Legislative Council in the Government Office, to which he is now returning, was still free.

You said you picked up three candidates. Who?

Maybe you do not think I'll tell you. Why bother then these people on Good Friday?

How long have you known Mrs. Benesova?

We had known each other long before someone asked for a Stork's Nest in me, if you asked. In my social network you may think I was on her birthday, I'm not ashamed of it. And sometimes we meet and debate issues of justice.

What do you think of Benešová as a lawyer representing Ústí nad Labem's former chancellor for ČSSD Vaňhová, whom the police blamed for machinations with Eurodotations?

I do not know who Benešová is. But somehow they have to earn a living. But now she will not represent you and work for the state, as I do eighteen hours a day.

What did you say the Minister of Culture, Staněk, remembered the head of the Prague National Gallery, Fajta, and the director of the Soukup Art Museum in Olomouc?

It was the minister's decision, I took note of it. I do not know Mr. Soukup, Mr. Fajt, yes. Mr. Fajt is definitely an art expert, but the manager definitely is not. Besides, the minister told me that Mr. Fajt had made some money.

But I exclude that the President would influence Fajt's appeal, as he speculates. I know Mr Fajt mainly from the moment I started to make the Paris Center Pompidou gallery open a branch in Prague, and as I was in Paris, he met his director, took French President Macron to the National Gallery of Prague .

The ODS, the Christian Democrats (KDU) and the pirates decided to convene an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives to discuss the critical report of the Supreme Audit Office of 2018, the state budget and its conflict of interest. What do you say?

That is before the European elections and they want to draw attention to the Antibabis program again. We have a big budget, we have reduced debt again and we are the best quarter in Europe.

As for the SAO report, it is good to see how and by whom your boss, Mr. Kala, has been appointed.

A man from the Sobotka ward was approved by a soc. dem and the Civic Democrats (ODS) – at that time, STAN MP Gazdík shouted that he wanted to be a specialist, not a politician. So much about independence.

In its report, the SAO comments on things to which it does not belong, for example, criticizes the introduction of a discount on the rate of pensioners. This is something that SIM had in the program, was a political decision and has nothing to comment.


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