I will not apologize to my opponents for having Messi


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"He's just a different player. The highest quality. He and Cristiano Ronaldo are the best players of the last decade and Messi has proven his quality again. That's why he won the Golden Ball so many times and won the Champions League. He was the winner of the game today, "said the Red Devil coach.

"I will not apologize to my opponents for having Messi and they are not," said Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde, although he admitted, of course, how important he played in Messi's retaliation.

"He always pulls us out of his hand and this time his goals have changed."

Lionel Messi once again proved his extraordinary class

Sergio Perez, Reuters

Two quick successes from Messi meant that Barcelona had already scored 499 goals in the Champions League and was approaching the 500 mark. So far only one team has achieved that – Real Madrid.

"At the beginning we were nervous and cold but it only took five minutes, but as soon as we made the first goal, we went again. It was a spectacular performance," Lionel Messi praised the game against Manchester with ten goals from the current Champions League.

"The important thing is that we have kept the net in both games," recalled Sergio Busquets that Barcelona's defense work well, which is also important before the confrontation between the semi-finals and the best Liverpool-Porto.

And maybe for Manchester United instructive because the mistakes he made at Camp Nou by his players before the first two goals deprived him of a better result.

"If you want a good result, you need to perform well. Although we started well, we did some chances in the first quarter, but then Messi was right, "commented the withdrawal of his Solskjaer accusations.

Lionel Messi scored big

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"But now it's unnecessary to deal with what could have happened if … The current Barcelona is at the level we want to achieve." We are in a rebuilding period so it will not be overnight. It may take a few years for us to reach Barcelona and other teams, it will require a lot of daily work, "The Red Devil coach did not scold at Camp Nou that he and the players ahead of him before they could even think about the Champions League semifinals. even victory.

"That's why we want to play the Champions League next year. That is why we will now focus on the national league, "Solskjaer reminded himself that the top spot in the Premier League rankings is now a top priority for his team.



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